About Us

Hi! My name is Carli, and I am the face behind Jessi + Co! Well... let's be honest, my golden retriever, Jessi, is the true face and inspiration for the brand! 
While Jessi + Co was partly inspired by my pup and sidekick, Jessi, it was also inspired by my sweet dad who passed in 2017. "Co" stands for Conway, which is my maiden name. Both of my parents always instilled in me to follow my dreams and work hard, and I wanted to embody that in this boutique. So, Jessi + Co just felt right! 
I started dreaming of having my own boutique when I was a little girl. Styling and planning outfits has always been a passion of mine. I realized it when my friends started asking me at a young age what looked good on them, if they could borrow clothes, etc. Truth be told, I was thought Jessi + Co was just a fun dream. I never really thought I would be here, telling you about this fun dream that has now actually become a reality. 
We strive to provide items that everyone can wear, that elevate your every day style, and encourage you to be who you are, wear what you want, and feel confident in your own skin! We want our customers to feel beautiful inside and out from the moment they put on our items. 
We are so grateful you are here and chose Jessi + Co to help style you for your next event, or build your wardrobe with the cutest pieces! Happy shopping! 
Carli Conway Sebesta 

This is Jessi girl! 💕